Necromancer 001

Black Crisis

He is the oldest of the Dragons; created from the shadows of a Necromancer's ash, and then steamed together with the beings of the first Dragons, the Iraknomes. Power is beheald in the owners hand, and only seen by the owner. But it is evident. Black Crisis combined with Black Shadow is living Armageddon. Pain and misery are all that lie in wait for many. Only you can stop him. Now, Rebel and stop those Shadows! - Misin, Sanctury Water

Black Crisis is more of a Serpent than a Dragon. He is a being of pure loathing. He is purely made of bones which makes him so powerful. Even tearing him apart and putting him at the four corners of the world will not stop his wrath. Only when his 'Pure Sacred Divinity' is located may he be destroyed. His habit of resurecting himself is the one crucial part of himself that is to be feared. The only actual bones of the Iraknomes are his limbs, skull and tail. The rest of his body was created from the bones of his victims. He is a "He", as he breeds with Black Wyvvern in Rising Stars. His body is the main part of Black Wyvvern. He is slaved by Black Crisis in Rising Stars.

HP: 1,000,000

XP: 10,000,000

PRIZE: Ownership of the Sanctuary of the Elementals


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The Riders

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The Wyverns

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