Count Quackular

Count Quackular

"The count of the fortold lies here, young one. Him and I, well, we had adventures. All the things we could possibly dream of came true.Then he was tricked. All the food in the world was to his offer. All for a little soup in a warm bowl. A win-win situation, he thought. As soon as the creamy stew glided past his gullet, his vampire self became duck. The way to win his trust is to capture the last part of his soul and give it to him." - Slengehead, the Warrior

Count Quackular is the second-last boss in the game. He may look funny, but when it comes to a sword in his hands, he is the most superior swordsman (or swordsduck) on the face of the island that his master holds in seige.

HP: 15, 000, 000

EXP: 3, 000, 000

PRIZE: Zeldar Sword and the Garlic