"He's the first and only Elemental on the face of the earth able to control darkness. Not only that, he's able to ride a dragon, Black Shadow. And he's good at it. One shot of Black Shadow's breath and a shadow ball from Black Crisis and you will feel pain. Lots of pain. He's too strong for you yet, young one." - The Wise One

"Challenge me? Pah! As if you would stand a chance!" - Crisis, King of Periculum

Crisis, King of Periculum
Black Crisis
Crisis, King of Periculum With Black Shadow
Vital statistics
Title Most Powerful Elemental
Gender Male
Race Elemental/Monster
Faction Rider
Health 500,000
Level 10
Status Most Powerful Elemental
Location In Battle

Crisis, King of Periculum is a boss of superior strength. He is very full of himself. He has a dragon which he rides into battle with; this creature is named after the place where it was formed; Black Shadow. Not only does he own a dragon, he also is the king of the Periculum. He is featured briefly in Rising Stars. His cursed name is Black Crisis; it is a filthy vow/curse.

HP: Random, between 8,000 and 10,000

XP: Random, but always high

Prize: Sword of Darkness


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