The BasicsEdit

An Elemental is someone who can control the elements. They can cast different spells depending on their level.
The Six Elements

The Five Elements

Common ElementsEdit

The common elemental magic types are Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Ice. About half of the Elementals in the Sanctuary of the Elementals use these common elements; about 9 tenths of the Elementals in Alëgöno again, use the common elements.

Other ElementsEdit

Some Elementals like to use the many other Elements. The most common of the uncommon elements are Love (Elecupids) and Natrual Disasters (Elearthamentals). There is only 1 fully-trained Darkness Elemental, Black Crisis, but there are lots of apprentices.


Each major Element controller (And Darkness) has 1 Dragon associated with that Element. The 6 different elements the Dragons are: Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Ice and Darkness.

Power SourcesEdit

Elementals recieve most of their power from the floating islands that form the Sanctuary of the Elementals. Therefore, if a attack is lauched at the Sanctuary, the Elementals will be at the hight of power.

Attack StratagiesEdit

Elementals attack by using their Earth Element users an Elearthamentals to form a disruption of the land and then fill the crevicies with water, provided by the Water Element users. Then they set fires behind the small rivers, provided either by the Fire Element users or the Necromentals. Finally, they go in for the final blow!