"Ah, there he is. Here is your mead Sir. What do you mean. No, please. Don't eat meeeeeeee...!" - Servant

Noventus is the Dragon of wind. His Rider is Chaos Fish. His name means "Fly of the Wind" in the ancient tounge. Using his name combined with a spell, he can create great tornados and hurricanes.

Noventus 001
Noventus in Battle
Vital statistics
Title Fly of the Wind
Gender Male
Race Elemental/Dragon
Faction Dragon
Health 1,000,000
Level 10
Status Chaos Fish
Location In Battle


Noventus - Tempesta - Aequora - Black Shadow - Terra - Flamvour

The Riders

Chaos Fish - Blue - Aqua - Crisis, King of Periculum - Errgent, Mad King - Ignis

The Wyverns

Black Wyvvern - Omnipotenshydra