"You've done well to come this far. Now you must face your worst nightmare. Revive! All 6 Dragons!! Fuse into Omnipotenshydra!" - Black Crisis

Omnipotenshydra is the final boss in the game. It is a fusion of all the 6 dragons. It has 6 heads, all the same as the 6 dragons, and has ALL of their powers combined. His name means "All-Powerful Hydra".

HP: 20,000,000

EXP: 10,000,000

PRIZE: Book of All Magic


Noventus - Tempesta - Aequora - Black Shadow - Terra - Flamvour

The Riders

Chaos Fish - Blue - Aqua - Crisis, King of Periculum - Errgent, Mad King - Ignis

The Wyverns

Black Wyvvern - Omnipotenshydra

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