The Journey of Magic CCG

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Aqueduct Road

ARM-001: Kracosonic Ocean (U)

ARM-002: Aquaisar (U)

ARM-003: Iceoconobon (U)

ARM-004: Slengehead, the Warrior (x3)

ARM-005: Slengehead, the Warrior [2]

ARM-006: Queen of the Cryptic

ARM-007: Cryptic Warrior 1

ARM-008: Cryptic Warrior 2

ARM-009: Cryptic Guard

ARM-010: Water Elemental

ARM-011: Bryonn, Wattice Master

ARM-012: Cryce, Sanctury Ice

ARM-012: Misin, Sanctury Water (P)

ARM-013: Quarzar Sword (x3)

ARM-014: Zeldar Sword (R)

ARM-015: Long Spear

ARM-016: Short Spear

ARM-017: Staff [2]

ARM-018: Whip [3]

ARM-019: Battalion

ARM-020: Horse and Cart (x5)

ARM-021: [[Boat [2] (x2)

ARM-022: Sledge ARM-023: Raft ARM-024: Feathered Wings

ARM-025: Ancient Vessel (x2)

Magicians Apprentice - Water's Path

ARM-026: Water Mage- Rank 1

ARM-027: Water Mage- Rank 2

ARM-028: Water Mage- Rank 3 ARM-029: Water Mage- Rank 4

ARM-030: Water Mage- Rank 5 (U)

ARM-031: Ice Mage- Rank 1

ARM-032: Ice Mage- Rank 2

ARM-033: Ice Mage- Rank 3 (R)

ARM-034: Tidal Wave Rank 1

ARM-035: Tidal Wave Rank 2

ARM-036: Tidal Wave Rank 3

ARM-037: Tidal Wave Rank 4

ARM-038: Tidal Wave Rank 5 (U)

ARM-039: Snow Storm Rank 1

ARM-040: Snow Storm Rank 2

ARM-041: Snow Storm Rank 3

ARM-042: Snow Storm Rank 4

ARM-043: Snow Storm Rank 5

ARM-044: Rain Storm Rank 1

ARM-045: Rain Storm Rank 2

ARM-046: Rain Storm Rank 3

ARM-047: Snowman Army Rank 1

ARM-048: Snowman Army Rank 2

ARM-049: Snowman Army Rank 3

ARM-050: Blast Rank 1

ARM-051: Blast Rank 2

ARM-052: Blast Rank 3

ARM-053: Super Atom Blast Rank 5 (U)

ARM-054: Snowman Warrior

ARM-055: Snowman Archer

ARM-056: Snowman Mage (P)

ARM-057: Snowman Sword (x2)

ARM-058: Snowman Bow

ARM-059: Warrior's Blade

ARM-060: Cryptic Sword

ARM-061: The Snowmobile

ARM-062: Cryptic Horse

ARM-063: Boat [1] (x2)

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