"How is that dragon so bloomin' long? Seriously, it's not possible. Oops, I think it heard that. RUN!!!!" - Villager

Tempesta is the Ice Dragon. Her rider is Blue, patriots of all patriots.

Tempesta Preparing For Battle
Vital statistics
Title "Storm"
Gender Male
Race Elemental/Dragons
Faction Dragon
Health 6,000,000
Level 10
Status Most Powerful Ice Creature (Excluding Draco Exitio Multi)
Location In Battle


Noventus - Tempesta - Aequora - Black Shadow - Terra - Flamvour

The Riders

Chaos Fish - Blue - Aqua - Crisis, King of Periculum - Errgent, Mad King - Ignis

The Wyverns

Black Wyvvern - Omnipotenshydra