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Start of as ancient roman facing battle in a colosseum. Fairly simple battle. Win, go see emperor. Lose, replay game. Emperor says you are a brave fighter and deserve to be awarded. Follow roman official to strange machine. Transport to either 'Eygpt' or 'Transylvania'. Meet elder of small village. Gain spell book. Gain 3 spells and learn how to 'key' them. Battle the 'Lynx Gladiator' troup. Defeat using tutorial and spells. Gain 20 B (Bronze) 10 S (Silver) and 5 G (Gold). Learn currency and buy 1 spell. Make your way to the main temple. Summon vampire/zombie. Battle and earn up to 10 MagicPoints. Swap them for a shield and spear. 'Tiger Gladiator' troup appears. Win, gain Empire Code. Lose, rebattle. Use Empire Code to get into Gladiator stronghold. Buy 10 spells at counter. Alarm raised. Defeat 'Lion Troup', 'Tiger Troup' and 'Lynx Troup'. Gain 100 MagicPoints and 120 G. Use turret to take down small Gladiator army (150 people).